New Opera West is thrilled to present "Pepito," the world's first animated dog opera!


“Pepito” tells the story of a couple who go to an animal shelter hoping to adopt a puppy, but are met with surprise and uncertainty. Is Pepito the right dog for them? What makes the perfect companion? Pepito explores what it means to take a chance on love and family.

Esperanza and her husband, Connor, worked together on this animated opera. 

You're Yolking Me

You're Yolking Me is Esperanza's Master's Thesis film completed in a year and a half's time. She was inspired by her friend's and her own pet chickens, hilarious events involving the wild, local neighborhood raccoons, and her love of the legends of Bigfoot. 

Esperanza encountered many fabrication challenges, especially concerning the fabrication of the chickens. Their odd shapes presented quite the challenge, but in the end, she was able to create the characters she had been drawing since 2014.

Please enjoy the story of a simple misunderstanding that leads to a comedic battle and sweet resolution. 

Brown and Brock

Work in Progress

Brown and Brock is an animated documentary based on an interview with Officer Thomas Brown of the Pasadena Police Department. In his interview, Officer Brown shares his experiences of being an officer. This documentary is meant to showcase his relationship with his K9 Partner, Brock, as well as what it is like working as an explosives detection officer. This version of the documentary is only part of what is intended for the completed film. There will be more to come, but until then, please enjoy Brown and Brock.

I'm Here

I'm Here is a film by Esperanza Guevara and Jenn Fortnash completed in 2018. Esperanza and Jenn wanted to combine their styles of animation, stop motion and motion graphics, and create a piece that commented on the dominance of screens in our society.


The Bus Ride

The Bus Ride was a required assignment to be completed in one semester. Esperanza had the idea for The Bus Ride for quite a while and decided that this was the perfect time to turn a little doodle into a short film.

Esperanza is a big animal lover and decided to dedicate her film to her cat, Ginger. She wanted to portray Ginger as the sweet and lovable cat she is, as well as display her playful side and inner diva. 


Blossom is about the passing Esperanza's beloved grandfather and learning how to cope with his death. She was very close to her grandfather and it was very difficult and painful once he passed away. Making Blossom was very therapeutic because Esperanza was saying goodbye as well as letting him know that she was going to be okay.  Although she still has moments of sadness, Esperanza knows that her grandfather is always with her in her memories and heart.